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  Arranging Master Bedroom Furniture

Master bedroom holds a very important position in any home as it accommodates the principal habitant of the place which might be the husband and wife and mother and father of the family.

The earliest concept of master bedroom was a simple room with a queen sized bed and matching dresser.
Wooden Bedroom Furniture

However, this idea of master bedroom changed with time and now master bedroom stands for what is most luxurious and elegant and provides utter comfort to the occupants.   A master bedroom now includes a dresser area, massive walk in closet, sitting area, wet bar as well as an adjoining bathroom along with decent and best of furniture to make it more beautiful.

The most common furniture items for master bedroom range from antique to traditional and contemporary to modern beds of specific size, depending upon the room size and dresser, an entertainment center and sofas or chairs in various designs and styles to match the room décor and accessories like curtains, carpets and other ornaments.

How to Arrange Furniture in Master Bedroom
Master bedroom furniture differs from other bedroom furniture in scale and design. Most of the master bedroom furniture is made of solid wood and metals to last long and provide a comfortable sleep.

Here are some tips on arranging furniture in master bedroom to give it that elegant and beautiful look that can make a wealth of difference.

  • Bed is the most important item in all of master bedroom furniture. The size of the bed is ruling factor and dominates the room, thus make sure the bed is placed at such an angle that it leave ample space in the room for dresser, an entertainment center as well as for moving around. The bed should not shrink the room making it seem smaller.
  • The big space in master bedroom offers lots of space for decoration and a small sitting area that can be decorated with chairs and sofas.  However, do not buy too big chairs and sofas or the whole set. A set of two chairs or 2 medium sized sofas will be enough with a small coffee table to go with them.  Do not cramp the room with heavy and gaudy furniture.
  • The bed should be placed along the wall in such a manner that it leaves space on both sides for night stands as they are a necessary part of bedroom furniture. Night stands not only provide space for placing lamps and other necessary items but they come with cabinets and drawers that can hold your personal belongings. 
  • A dresser is an elegant piece of furniture that functions as a storage place for cosmetic and other things. In most cases, a dresser is placed on the left side of the bed; however, you can place it anywhere depending upon the size and space of the master bedroom. Choose the dresser keeping in mind the style and décor of bedroom set. In most of the shops, you can get a complete master bedroom set with nightstands, wardrobes and dressers to match the bed.
  • Chest is another important component of master bedroom furniture that can help to store lots of things from clothes to electronic items and it is now a versatile storage area. But you need to arrange it in such a manner that it is kept neat and clean and does not destroy the beauty and décor of the master bedroom bursting all the time with things seeming unorganized.
  • The last but not the least is a mirror. Master bedrooms can be made to look more beautiful and spacious by adding a mirror or two. They can be placed over the dresser as well as else where to add a more elegant look to the room. However, too many mirrors in master bedroom can ruin the privacy of the room.
Arranging furniture in master bedroom does half the decorating job. If you have the best of furniture but it is not arranged perfectly, it can ruin the looks of your bedroom and make it seem casual and rundown.  Thus, make sure all the furniture is placed carefully keeping in mind its usage and need to be utilized well and make an elegant picture!
 Wooden Bedroom Furniture
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