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  Space Saving Bedroom Furniture

Not every one is fortunate enough to have a large house or a large bedroom where everything can be stored according to one’s choice and order of space.  Most of us have to make do with small apartments and even smaller bedrooms where things have to be stored very cleverly in an organized manner to leave the home tidy and clean.

Bedroom Furniture

The best way to keep an orderly and organized home and bedroom is by getting contemporary space saving bedroom furniture that allows saving space by storing items of use in various storage cabinets, shelves and cupboards or even beds and headboards.

These days these is variety of space saving bedroom furniture sets available that not only leave the room spacious and clean but store most of the household equipment to be found on time whenever needed. It makes your small room look and feel large and very well thought-out.

Utilizing Space Saving Bedroom Furniture
Space saving bedroom furniture is the best way to save space and utilize it in the best way.  Here are some tips and suggestions on buying the right space saving bedroom furniture items that will serve a multitude of purposes by storing things and providing an attractive look to the room.

Bureau or Chest of Drawers
The main purpose of a bureau or a chest of drawers is to provide space to keep things such as clothes, sweaters, bed sheets and other such items that can be folded away. However, the top of a bureau or chest of drawers can be used as a TV stand or a flat surface to keep your cosmetics and other important items of daily use.  This will save you money and space of having an entertainment center installed in your bedroom that will occupy more space.

If you intend to use the bureau or chest as a top for keeping cosmetics, get a mirror installed on the wall above it which will make it a very nice dressing table too with drawers to store your things.

Closet or Wardrobe
Basically closet is for storing clothes and other related items. However you can make it more useful by storing al the excessive things lying around and make it into a multipurpose storage. If you go to buy a wardrobe, make sure to buy a tall one, if you do not have space for a wide one. This way, you can store blankets, sweaters and coats and other seasonal wear clothing in the topmost shelves that are not used frequently. This will save plenty of space in the lower sections leaving the free for other things.

Make sure to have lots of shelves in one section of closet or wardrobe and leave the other for hanging clothes. This will keep folding clothes on one side and hanging ones on another making it easy to organize clothing.  Shoes and other such items can be stored in the last or the bottom shelves to prevent them from lying around in the house and avoid damage.

The Bed
No doubt, bed occupies the largest section of any bedroom; still, it is also the most important component of any room making it a bedroom and cannot be done without. However, there are ways to go about cleverly and purchase a bed that not only offers fullest comfort and relaxation but also helps to save space and makes bedroom your private sanctuary and safe heaven.

One way to save space with a bed is by getting box spring and mattress directly on the floor and doing away with the headboards and the footboards. However, it doesn’t entirely make a difference and in some cases, special headboards can be designed that can help to store things like bed sheets and blankets.

There are other custom designed beds too that are designed in box shape and underneath the mattress there are drawers where you can store your excessive supplies.

Another way to save space in bedroom is by using daybeds as they are smaller than a regular bed and being twin, they can double to act as a couch when needed.  A futon is also a great space saver especially if you need to use living room as a bedroom too.

Bedrooms can be made beautiful and attractive even with space saving bedroom furniture. The key is to utilize your given area the best way and buy furniture that fits even in small spaces and gives a neat and organized feel and look to your home.


Bedroom Furniture
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