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  Buying Guides

Furniture buying guide is a great help for people who are seeking information, tips and suggestions on how to buy the right furniture easily.  You might feel overwhelmed by the sheer variety of furniture items and accessories in a shop when shopping, don’t worry, we have got tips and suggestions that will guide you in making the right choice.

Buying Guides

Everyone loves to have comfortable and beautiful looking furniture that can make them proud. With a huge variety in materials, designs and styles, customers have now a vast choice to select the furniture of their choice.  However, before making a purchase, it is important to know some vital facts on how to shop for the right thing.
It is important to know that basics of furniture before going out to buy as it not only makes shopping easy but it can help you bargain with the shopkeeper and make the best choice. Furniture buying guide will tell you what things to consider when buying furniture for a particular room such as a kitchen, bedroom or kids room.

Furniture Buying Guide
Furniture buying guide will help save not only money and time but also it will prevent the risk of disappointment in case you do not get what you were looking for.  Here is a guide on buying the kind of furniture you have always wanted for the best of comfort and looks.

These are the steps that you need to keep in mind and follow:

Step No. 1
Planning Before Buying

  • Know What You Need
  • Know How it Will Be Used
  • Know How Much Space You Have
  • Know How Much You Can Spend

Step No. 3

  • Furniture Types and Terms
  • Finishes
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Additional Reminders

Step No. 2 

  • Where to Shop
  • When to Shop
  • Read the Label
  • Warranties and Returns
  • Credit Buying
  • Know the Seller
Buying Guides Buying Guides

Step No. 1

Planning Before Buying

Planning before buying saves times, money and the risk of buying something in haste that you never wanted in the first place.  Planning carefully can help a lot as you have ample time to decide what you like, what you want, from where and how to get it.

What You Need
It is important to know what kind of furniture you need to buy. There are different kinds of furniture pieces and sets needed for offices, schools and homes. Even in home, furniture varies from room to room. Dining room furniture differs from living room furniture, while lounge furniture differs from bedroom furniture and kids’ room furniture is altogether different from outdoor furniture.

Also, consider why you need a particular piece; it is for decoration only or for years of use such as a sofa set or a dining table. It helps to make the right decision.

How It Will Be Used
You should know how a particular piece of furniture that you are buying will be used. Will it be used daily or occasionally for some event. One such example is dining room furniture, if you use the dining room regularly and have kids too, then go for contemporary wooden or wrought iron furniture as it is light, easy to maintain and use. On the other hand, if it’s for a formal dining room, prefer going for antique or mahogany dining table that looks very majestic but cannot be used daily due to its extraordinary care and genuineness.

Knowing how it will be used will help you buy the right thing, in the right kind of material, design and built.

How Much Space You Have
It is very vital to know how much space you have for the new furniture set that you are buying. Whether it is an office or home, buy furniture according to the available space or it will spoil the pleasure of seating and enjoying the furniture.  If you have a big dining room, you can gladly go for huge wooden dining table with 12 chairs. However, in a small space, it is better to go for a light wooden dining table or a wrought iron one that occupies lesser space and make the room seem more spacious.

Too much large furniture in small space can cramp the room and give a claustrophobic impression. Knowing how much space you have to place the furniture will actually help with the room décor.

How Much You Can Spend
The last but not the least important is knowing how much you can spend on buying a new set of furniture. Make sure to have a budget and stick to it, otherwise you might end up spending more than you intended to or get stuck with low quality and substandard furniture items. Make a budget and stick to it in order to buy the furniture of your choice within your range.

It is worthy to buy a bit expensive sofa set that is comfortable and looks good and lasts for a long time, rather than a cheap and worn out looking one which will need replacement after a few months time. 

Knowing your needs, usage, space and budget is very important and you can plan these things before even going out to shop. Get an idea on this by searching in magazine and online websites that offer tips and suggestions on buying furniture.  Learn to select furniture according to your needs and the amount of money you can spare to get the best deal.


Step No. 2

Furniture Types and Kinds
There is a large variety of furniture available in the market with equally huge variety of designs and styles to select from. There are basically 2 types of furniture, upholstered and case goods.  While upholstered furniture is fabric covered cushions or padded sections such as sofas and stuffed chairs; case goods refer to furniture such as tables, chests, cabinets and shelves.

From hardwood to softwood and wrought iron, wicker to steel and plastic to wood-composition materials, furniture is available in every variety. Hardwood is used for making furniture such as mahogany, walnut, maple, oak, cherry, birch, teak and pecan while softwood consists of pine, redwood and cedar used for outdoor and ready-to-finish furniture.

Make sure there are no cracks and scratches in the tables, sideboards and cabinets you buy. The drawers and cabinets should open easily without making noise and not get stuck while being pulled or pushed. Check out the joints of wooden pieces to check their strength. Avoid ones that are glued or nailed as they are most unreliable while dovetail, mortise tenon and dowel are the best.

It is you who will decide which type and kind of furniture to go for. You can either go for leather upholstered sofas and chairs or cloth upholstered one. You can also choose from a wide variety of furniture types to make your décor more appealing.

When a piece of furniture is constructed, it is polished with paint, liquor, oil or wax to protect its surface and provide a uniform color to all the pieces. There are various finishing materials that help to add a natural wood color or grain or to change the color of wood or to make two different pieces of wood look same.

When buying the furniture, make sure you know which finish you want on wooden furniture. Even wrought iron and plastic furniture is finished to give it a complete look and make it more appealing. When shopping for furniture, remember to know which kind of furniture you want with its finish.

Upholstered Furniture
Upholstered furniture offers the best form of relaxation with their wide and comfortable backs and soft padding. From leather to patterned fabric and brocades to synthetic materials, there is a large variety in upholstered furniture to choose for luxurious lounging and relaxed sittings.

With wooden and wrought iron frames, good quality upholstered furniture can be purchased from any reputable furniture manufacturer.

Additional Reminders

  • As you will not be able to see the insides or the frame of a sofa or upholstered furniture, make sure to squeeze the arms of sofa and chairs to ensure there is sufficient padding to provide comfortable seating. 
  • Examine fabric patterns and stitches to make sure they are done well and strongly enough to resist tearing and splitting.
  • Sit and make sure the cushions are snug, comfortable and provide relaxed seating.
  • Also check to see if the cushions are covered with protective finish that helps resist dirt and soiling.
  • Lean on tables and chairs to see that they do not wobble or sway.
  • If you are buying glass tables, check out that if the glass lies straight, is attached securely to the frame and there are no cracks in it

Step No. 3

Where to Shop
Finding the best place to buy furniture is a hard task. There are numerous furniture manufactures, retailers and sellers but finding the one who sells quality products, offers discount and the type and kind of furniture you want to buy is not easy.

Look around in a number of stores before buying from one; ask about the seller’s credit terms and delivery service. You can also buy from online furniture stores but make sure it’s a reliable website and not some scam.

When to Shop
The best time to shop is when there are sales all over.  During sales, you can get up to 30% discount on furniture items, even on branded ones. There are various seasonal sales as well as clearance sales and reduced prices for discontinued lines and “as it” price offers.

You can save a lot of money by buying quality furniture from these sales at reduced rates. However, furniture deliveries can take up to 6 to 8 weeks. If you cannot wait for the sales season, you can go ahead and shop anytime you like but still, remember to bargain and ask for a discount.

Warranties and Returns
When shopping for furniture, make sure to find out the exact terms of warrantees and the store’s return policy so that if you decide to return an item or need to have it fixed, you are aware of your rights and responsibilities. The terms and conditions of the warranties and return policy should be in written to avoid any problems.

Label Information
It is also important to read the tag and label information on the furniture or written on the brochure or pamphlet that comes with furniture. According to Federal Trade Commission guidelines, manufactures have to state if material like vinyl or other synthetics were used to give the appearance of leather, wood or marble. The name of any country cannot be used if the furniture was not made there unless words such as style or design are also used.

Label or tag information also tells a lot about handling, cleaning and maintenance of furniture. It is important tot read it as taking good care of furniture is very important to make it last long and look beautiful.

When you are done with choosing the type and kind of furniture you want to buy and have chosen the pieces of your liking, its time to pay. If you buy on time, make sure to know that full terms and conditions of seller’s credit service. Ask about the finance charge, sales tax, exact among of installments, if any and the sales price.

All stores that give credit are required by the law to state annual percentage rates so that they can be compared. Also, ask about the delivery charges and if they are included in the price or will be paid separately. Many online sites deliver free of cost but many of these charge too.

Know the Seller
It is recommended to know the sellers before buying from them. Ask your neighbors, friends and relatives if they know good furniture stores that sell quality furniture items.  It is important to know that reputable business people answer all queries and satisfy the customers instead of pressurizing them into buying.

If the seller is willing to satisfy all the queries, answer all the questions, offers authentic proofs about the furniture and a warrantee too, go for it!

A Final Checklist
Here is a final checklist to make sure you are getting the best deal for what you are paying:

  • Plan very carefully what you need to buy
  • Make a budget and stick to it
  • Shop around for quality furniture and affordable prices along with credit terms and exchange and return policies
  • Read all the tag and label information along with the brochure provided to know all the important handling facts about your furniture
  • Check out the construction and structure of furniture to ensure it’s durable and will last long
  • Read about the care and maintenance of furniture and how it should be done
  • Find out what aspects of furniture warrantee covers and get them in writing
  • Ask about the delivery rates and other charges included in the furniture cost to make sure you do not end up paying more than needed

This buying guide has been written to help customers buy the best furniture according to their needs, space and budget.  With a vast select of materials, designs and styles to choose from, there is a wide variety of furniture available that can make any place come alive with its beautiful looks and comfortable seating.

Read the furniture buying guide carefully to select the best furniture pieces with proper planning and preparation that help to make a wise choice that lasts for years to come!

Buying Guides
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