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  Exotic Bedroom Furniture
Most of us believe that a bedroom is a place where you sleep at night and that is all; this is a major false assumption. A bedroom is the central hub of your life, a bedroom set should be a reflection of your style as well as your personality. It also a place where you share life’s most intimate and special moments with your beloved and hence the bedroom should be designed and decorated in way to please you and your partner. A bedroom should be your secret hideaway, your escape from life, place for rejuvenating body, mind and spirit.
Bedroom Furniture

Now days, the markets are over – flowing with various kinds of bedroom sets, from a range of different fabrics to a wide selection of materials, immense color choice, floor coverings and even window treatments. One unique way to personalize your bedroom is to go for an exotic look.  Most couples go away to exotic island resorts to help recapture the love they had once shared, using exotic bedroom furniture you can create your own little retreat. An exotic look comes with sticking to a specific country or dynasty ethnic style.

This article will now tell you how to step wise, bring the exotic feel to your room décor and infuse your surroundings with the romance and the intrigue of a foreign land. The bedroom is a perfect place to create a retreat that offers a sense of escape and a hint of mystery. The following ways will teach how to add color, texture, energy and style to bring out an exotic vibe.


The first step is to come up with a theme in a style that goes with your treasures, yours passions and your personality. Many theme based bedroom sets are available in the market including:
- Victorian Style
- Cottage Style
- French Country Style
- Eclectic
- Early American
- Romantic.

You can choose any of the above themes to create a very rich, reveled with ornaments and immersed in culture based looks.

If you want to experience something more on the unconventional side and create themes that stand out, you can try any of the following wild and fun themes:
- Tropical Island – can be created using bright coral and floral palettes lots of fresh flowers, mirrors and water plants.
- Safari – very popular created by integrating animal-print textiles with hanging plants and furnishings made of bamboo or log.
- Jungle/Rain Forest – with dark flooring and painting walls the green of jungle foliage, plus add ferns, a canopy bed with hanging gauze.
- Moroccan – distinctive themes created using brightly patterned floor cushions, low ottoman as a table, lanterns and colored glass.
- East Indian – for this paint your walls fuchsia, tangerine or purple. Bring in wooden furniture with traditional Indian details like intricate carvings, inlaid bone or colorful hand painting.
- Arabian Nights - consists of distressed finishes, vintage finds and cool paintings, photographs and postcards in mismatched frames. The bed can be dressed with a comforter and pillows in luxurious fabrics with beaded details. A dark colored mosquito net drapes down from the ceiling for a cozy effect, windows dressed with silk or chiffon sheers. Add oil lamps, silk covers, floor cushions, handmade rugs and perhaps even a sun-dial on the end table.

With the rest of your house being totally conventional these exotic bedroom themes can be quite jarring but the trick is to make it all work together. The idea is to incorporate in your bedroom décor touch the mirror elements from elsewhere in your home. And do not worry about how you are ever going to find the proper pieces to go in these bizarre themes because the markets today supply furniture depending on the constant changes in tastes and needs.

The next step is to define a palette. An exotic bedroom needs a bold palette. You need to figure out the perfect colors according to your theme. Let’s say for instance you can think of spices and lentils as an inspiration for the Moroccan theme. For a tropical theme you can go for fuchsia, orange, yellow and turquoise. Use your boldest and darkest shades as accent colors on a wall, as window dressing, as floor covering or for bedding.  Try some interesting contrasts, such as pumpkin orange and cerulean blue, indigo and yellow, espresso brown and lavender, burgundy and mango or a strong pink accented with gold.

Now we come to the last but perhaps the most important and critical point of creating a truly exotic look. You need to make sure that the accents and colors are fully accelerated by the right amount of lighting. You can go for pendent lights or small vintage chandeliers to create a more of sensual ambiance. To add exotic looks to your window go with matchstick blinds made of bamboo. These can be pulled up or down on the window to open or close them. Matchstick blinds ade of bamboo work well for an African or Asian feel.

You can add other forms of décor like beads, fringe, pom poms, metallic thread, and vases with fresh flowers, embroidery or tiny mirrors. Invest in an Asian-style screen as a room divider, or use it as a window covering that allows natural light to seep in. Throw rugs, paintings, shelves and frames add color, contrast and visual pop.

If you have come to this part of the article, then its certain that by now you will have a clear picture about what kind of an exotic theme based bedroom will appeal to you and your reflect your individuality. So go out there, and find the piece that will make your room come alive creating the lovely oasis you have always dreamed of…!


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