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  Home Remedies for Wooden Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture is to be used and enjoyed by everyone in the house be it adults or kids. With small children at home, the furniture is often roughly used which can result in some damage or spills especially wooden living room furniture which is very good to use but needs some care to make it last a long time.

With some simple home remedies, it becomes easy to take care of your wooden living room furniture.
living Room Furniture

Follow these steps to keep the damage to your furniture minimum and maintain its original shape and splendor.

Simple Home Remedies for Maintaining Wooden Living Room Furniture

  • Use coasters to prevent spills, stains and damage from hot dishes
  • Blot all spills immediately with a clean and dry piece of cloth to avoid water absorption by the furniture as wood can absorb water which later makes it swell
  • Keep solvents, alcohol, nail polish and nail polish removers away from your furniture surfaces as they can harm the wooden furniture finish.  
  • When dusting, always lift lamps and other objects to clean the wooden surface. Don’t slide then across the furniture's surface as it can leave scratches and marks on the wooden tops.

Open and close doors, drawers and lids gently to make them last longer. Banging can harm the wooden make and loosen then on their hinges

Other Home Remedies for Preserving Wooden Living Room Furniture
With every day use, your wooden living rook furniture is subjected to mishaps and spills and other things that leave a mark or stain on its neat and elegant finish. If you don’t have time or budget to go for professional help, don’t worry, we have got tips and suggestion with help of which you can keep your furniture in best conditioned by making use of thins available at home.

With these simple and easy to make remedies, you can keep your living room furniture as good as new without spending any money. Here we will tell you what to do in case anything happens to your precious furniture and how to preserve your furniture.
Cigarette Burns (light)
Rub the burn mark with scratch-concealing polish, or with a paste of linseed oil and rottenstone.  Work with direction of the grain until the burn mark disappears.

Heat Marks
Rub gently along the wood grain, using a dry steel wool soap pad or a cloth dampened with camphorated oil or mineral spirits to make the heat marks go away. You can also rub gently along the grain with extra-fine (0000) steel wool and later on wipe it clean and wax or polish for better looks.

Nail Polish
Blot the spill immediately to minimize the damage and then rub with fine steel wool (0) dipped in wax.

Paint Marks
If the marks are fresh, remove latex paint with water and oil-based paint with mineral spirits. If it’s dried, soak the spot in boiled linseed oil and wait until paint softens and lift it carefully with a putty knife or wipe with cloth dampened with boiled linseed oil.

Residue can be removed by rubbing along the grain with a paste of boiled linseed oil and rottenstone.

Sticking Paper
Dampen the paper thoroughly with salad oil, wait for five minutes and then rub along the grain with extra-fine (0000) steel wool.

Wax or Gum
Harden the substance by placing an ice cube wrapped in cloth against it and then use your fingernail or plastic credit card to remove it. Rub the area with extra-fine (0000) steel wool dipped in mineral spirits.

Remember to wipe dry the wooden surface and wax or polish it to blend in the remedy with the existing paint or polish and give it a uniform look.

Home Remedies for Removing Stains  
The high performance finishes and polishes need special and careful attention when it comes to stain removal. Not every stain removing products can be used on wooden living room furniture as instead of making it better, it might completely ruin your furniture.

Some common stains can be removed by using home remedies and first aid. However, always remember to test the remedy first on a small invisible area before applying it to the front to check out its effectiveness.  Here are some home remedies for removing stains from wooden living room furniture.

Water Marks & Rings
Most often the water rings and marks are formed in the polish or wax and not the wooden finish. Cover the stain with a clean, thick blotter, press down with a warm iron and repeat. Rubbing it with salad oil, mayonnaise or white toothpaste can also provide effective.

White Marks
Rub the furniture with a cloth dipped in a mixture of cigarette ashes and lemon juice or salad oil. Rubbing with a cloth dipped in lighter fluid, followed by a mixture of rottenstone and salad oil can help to clean out the stain.

Milk or Alcohol Stains
Use your fingers to rub liquid or paste wax into the stain or rub in a paste of boiled linseed oil and rottenstone with the grain, substituting pumice for dull finishes. Ammonia on a dampened cloth can also be used to remove the stain.   

Remember to polish or wax your wooden furniture piece after you are done with these home remedies to give a uniform finish and look to the furniture. These home remedies to stain removing and other problems like cigarette burns, heat marks, nail polish and remover stains and paint can be easily applied at home and used to keep your furniture in the best of condition without spending an extra dime.
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