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  What is Modular Office Furniture?

Modular furniture is just like buying furniture in pieces for smaller areas or even for larger areas to settle a large number of people t work together. Modular office furniture comes in part and pieces that can be assembled together to form workstations and areas with the required items such as desks, tables, chairs, printer stands, filing cabinets and bookracks.

Keeping in mind the shortage of space and the given room, modular furniture can fit in anywhere depending upon your requirement and lead to comfortable and productive work environment.

Office Furniture

Types of Modular Office Furniture
Modular office furniture is available in two basic designs of types:

  • Panel mounted
  • Free standing

Most of the modular office furniture available these days is panel-mounted in which the wall panels are the basis of the system and components such as desks and file cabinets are mounted directly onto the panels to save space and make more room for walking.

On the other hand, free standing components use separate panels that are placed around furniture and can be adjusted according to the users needs. The primary benefit of freestanding modular office furniture is that is can be easily installed or kept anywhere which makes it more effective for workplaces that arrange and rearrange their furniture frequently.  Desks can be moved, chairs can be repositioned and cabinets can be placed within an arms reach.

Both panel mounted and freestanding modular systems have their advantage as both offer great flexibility in designs and can be equipped with internal power options and used as pr user’s need. These modular office systems can also be designed on order to accommodate individual needs and placed as needed.

Modular office furniture is durable and it is deigned to last many years. The warranties included with the furniture items can provide a good indication of how long it can be expected to last.

Modular furniture is best for places where lots of employees work together in one room and each needs his own desk, chair, cabinet and other important things. Even for executives modular furniture works very well as parts of desk or cabinets can be used as needed and placed according to the size and shape of the room.
Office Furniture
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